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Nuove info ETC

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10/06/2017 13:45 - 10/06/2017 13:54 #117480 da Tomgalad
Nuove info ETC è stato creato da Tomgalad
Ecco le nuove informazioni, siam riusciti a convincere l'organizzazione a dire stop alle asce a qualunque modello! :cheer: B)
Cosa ne pensate?

Ok moving forward.
My Advertising team is presently putting together a summary of the feedback survey.
I imagine that should be due soon.
Owen Wright is stepping down as team England selector, that roll lies entirely on the shoulders of the amazingly fair and true, Mr Samuel Jeffery.
Owen is stepping in to assist me in the roll of future organisation.
A further discussion will ofc arise based on the findings of the survey but I just want to set the ball rolling with a few points.
1. The eta for the new rule book is still unsure. I spoke briefly with Mr Jay Clare ,who you all now know, and the little info he could give me was the book was expected possibly too close to the date of ETC 2018.
Ofc this may all change but I am going to look at putting an ETC cut off date of 15th Jan 2018.
At this date if there is no sign of the new book I fear we MUST STICK to the old rules for 2018.
2. The points value remains at 800pts
3. The scenarios will be picked from the available 12 introduced at GW GT and GW FEST. Important to note that hero based scenarios must be balanced with a horde type scenario.
4. MORE TIME BETWEEN GAMES!!!! It was a farce, embarrassment and general bad form from me not to impose a larger time period between games when I was aware that we weren't been kicked out of the venue.
5. Keep with sole restriction on named characters. It is one of our trade marks and I believe it worked well?
6. This point will possibly contradict the next and is something I wish to work on. Captains still tactically deciding who plays who. I would like to see this continue and grow.
7. Red v blue? This opens up a lot of complications when based with the previous point because unless sorted out completely could have someone travelling a long way with 2 armies and only ever playing one. Due to selection process. A team bringing 2 good and 2 evil means greater restriction of choice of opponent.
Guys when you discuss this point please kick your own personal likes or dislikes into the bin along with what your league in your country does. To progress as a level playing community we must think to the future. If the new rules address this either one way or another we will have to tow the line anyway or just go away as our individual communities and rewrite our own bloody rules as we like and potentially destroy what we are desperately trying to do now.
Red v red? Did it work st ETC Hamburg or NOT?
8. Fecking axes:
Gw are addressing this in new rules.
I say, with help from Adam Sokół and key others, we publish a list of model that were made with axes and that's fine.
All other models can have an axe or previously none equipped hand weapon but at 1pt cost (5pts for heroes).
Ok that's enough stuff to keep you chatting and deciding for a while to come.
Lastly other than Owen could all countries please ensure that this room has only one representative here.
Thank you all for your time.

Il next step sarebbe convincerli ad avere una squadra con metà giocatori del Bene e metà del Male in modo tale da giocare solo Bene vs Male!

Sembra l'intenzione sia di risolvere tutti i problemi di questo anno, dal tempo alle asce!
Avete qualche dubbio o miglioria che potremmo proporre?
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10/06/2017 15:08 #117491 da Seo
Risposta da Seo al topic Nuove info ETC
Bisognerebbe evitare che uno degli arbitri sia il capo di una squadra e arbitri le partite della propria squadra...

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11/06/2017 09:16 #117504 da Dikey
Risposta da Dikey al topic Nuove info ETC
visti i vostri racconti, spingerei per una regola per cui un modello che volesse usare un'arma ad un mano dovrebbe, in effetti, essere dotato di mani e pollice opponibile.

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